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Free Attractions in NYC

Steeped in history, culture and beauty, New York City presents a sprawling array of tourist attractions that can boggle the mind. Seeing the bulk of these key points of interest can mean spending a hefty chunk of your traveling budget. Fortunately, the city also presents a titanic collection of attractions and activities that don't cost a dime. From tours to exhibits to historical landmarks and the world-famous Central Park, you'll find plenty of free things to do in the Big Apple, using this list as your guide.
Walk The Highline at New York
Walk The Highline
Once a an elevated freight rail line, The High Line is now a beautiful public park perched above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side.
Central Park at New York
Central Park
The most visited urban park in the U.S., this iconic NYC attraction provides 1.317 square miles for biking, picnicking, sports and relaxation.
New York Central Park Zoo
Central Park Zoo
At 6.5-acres, The Central Park Zoo provides a quick, leisurely natural experience. Explore a diverse array of wildlife in a beautiful, family-friendly setting.
St. Patrick Cathedral at New York
St. Patrick Cathedral
Every year, over 5.5 million people visit St. Patrick's Cathedral, a Neo-Gothic-style Roman Catholic cathedral church and major NYC landmark.
New York Walk The Brooklyn Bridge
Walk The Brooklyn Bridge
An awe-inspiring NYC landmark, the Brooklyn Bridge connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. Drive it, bike it, walk it or just sit back and admire it.
Museum of Modern Art at New York
Museum of Modern Art (Friday Nights Free Between 4p - 8p)
A cultural icon that ignites minds and fuels creativity, MoMA features extraordinary exhibitions and a broad collection of contemporary and modern artworks.
New York Chelsea Brewing Company
Chelsea Brewing Company
Manhattan's largest microbrewery offers free tours, featuring exclusive inside looks at the brewing process, free samples and tickets for discounted pints.
New York Brooklyn Brewing Company
Brooklyn Brewing Company
With beers sold in 25 states and 20 different countries, Chelsea is a top NYC microbrewer. Book a free tour and get an inside look at their unique process.
Staten Island Ferry at New York
Staten Island Ferry
One of the last vestiges of NYC's famous ferry system, the free Staten Island Ferry transports more than 22 million passengers every single year.
Explore Governors Island at New York
Explore Governors Island
A 172-acre island in Upper New York Bay, Governors Island is a vibrant summer seasonal venue and a major part of the social, political, and economic tapestry of NYC.
New York City Hall
City Hall
Take a free tour of one of New York City's most iconic landmarks, where political leaders gather to shape the state's future.
FIT Museum at New York
FIT Museum (Fashion Institute of Technology)
One of a select group of famous specialized fashion museums, FIT offers numerous free exhibits featuring decades of fashion trends.
Forbes Collection at New York
Forbes Collection
Set within the Forbes Building on Fifth Avenue, this exhibit features everything from Faberge Eggs to Olympic gold medals to original Monopoly boards.
New York Grants Tomb
Grants Tomb
President Ulysses Simpson Grant's final resting place, this national monument attracts over 100,000 historical buffs each year.
Grand Central Walking Tours at New York
Grand Central Walking Tours
See the nation's most famous terminal up-close and personal by booking a free tour of this renowned architectural treasure.
New York Aquarium
New York Aquarium (Fridays After 3:00 p.m./4:00 p.m. in Summer)
The oldest continually-operating aquarium in the United States, this family-fun attraction offers occasional pay-what-you-wish donation entry.
National Museum of the American Indian of New York
National Museum of the American Indian
Discover exhibits, music, dance performances, films and symposia, focusing on the diverse and fascinating Native people of the Americas.
New York Greenwood Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery
One of the first rural cemeteries in the U.S., Green-Wood Cemetery is renowned for its magnificent beauty which attracts 500,000 annual visitors.
Federal Reserve Bank at New York
Federal Reserve Bank
The New York Fed offers guided tours for schools and the public, featuring learning opportunities about the organization's huge influence.
New York Chelsea Galleries
Chelsea Galleries
Explore the Chelsea art district of New York and discover hundreds of art galleries, featuring paintings, sculptures, photos and more.
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